Welcome to your best source for all things resale!

Welcome to the first Two Treasures blog! There is only 48 hours until the official holiday shopping season begins.  I have always wanted to share my knowledge about the Chicago-land resale shopping market, quirky useful tidbits and awesome ways to find hidden treasures.  My passion for resale is what provides a spark in my shopping experiences. Resale shopping is not just about getting a good deal; it’s about the hunt and the history.

My mom introduced me to resale shopping early on in life. We would often travel to Andersonville (a Chicago neighborhood) to a resale shop called the “Right Place”. Walking into the dimly light store, I remember vividly the smell of slightly musty clothes spread on tables that came from someone’s house. Resale shopping was always an event, like trying to win a prize. There were piles of clothes on tables. Garment racks with the special items lined the walls.  While waiting for my mom to finish shopping, I would sit on the ledge by the front windows just watching.  Those were the times were getting hand-me-downs from an older cousin were mortifying. Now, we wish for all of those cool clothes and accessories that are back in style.

Learning to love resale shopping is being able to appreciate that an item someone hands over can be a treasurer to another.  Back in my early exposure to resale shopping, there weren’t very many resale shops. People always associated resale shopping from vintage to garage sales. Today’s resale shopping has exploded to an entire new industry.  My theory is that the vast increase in materialism from a good economy and then a quick slide down is what created a new resale shopping resurgence. In fact, it is now cool to shop shabby chic vintage for your dress and your home. The list of resale related shops expands every year. The technology has allowed a whole new venue to resale (and purchase someones) items.

Follow me as I journey to visit, shop and explore all things resale!